Art Glass Design

Plates & Dishes

Our Dinnerware is amazing. Whether it is a casual get together or a formal gathering our dinnerware will meet all your needs.

Custom Orders

Not only do we have beautiful original pieces in our shop but we can make custom orders just for YOU!

Hotels & Restaurants

If you have a hotel or Restuarant we can provide specific items for your needs in large orders for your location.

Glass Jewelry

Stunning Glass jewelry that really shows off our vibrant colours. We also have some great talismans that you should check out


I am SO excited to own Art Glass again. I had a 'demo' piece I got from my previous employer. There was a beautiful dragonfly embossed on the side of it and I loved that piece so much. It was inadvertently added to a garage sale pile unbeknownst to me after I moved away from my parent's home. I've been so depressed ever since. I can't wait to see the pieces I'm ordering!



Why Art Glass Design?

Each piece is polished and hand inspected 4 times during production to ensure quality and consistency. A gold coloured artist’s mark is applied to each piece with E. Jane Mackay’s name so that you know that you are purchasing an authentic collectible Art Glass Design creation.

Our computer controlled kilns ensure precise firing temperatures so that each piece is a strong, dishwasher safe, microwaveable piece of art. Edges are refined and polished perfectly through our exclusive mold finishing technique giving each piece a uniform satin finish.

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